The BetterSax - Tenor Saxophone


The alto has been loved by thousands of people around the world.  Now we have the tenor, and it plays great!

The BetterSax tenor has been designed to give the sax playing community a relatively affordable high-level student instrument that punches well above its weight.  Following similar criteria to the alto that came before it, the tenor excels in tone quality, playability and overall quality of build.

Jay Metcalf, founder of the World's most recognised You-Tube channel, BetterSax, is well placed to form his vision for an affordable, yet superior, saxophone, recognising what players need.  Although pitched at the upper end of the 'student' instrument scale, the Classic tenor has enough quality in design and build to work in the hands of intermediate, or even professional players looking for a spare.


The Classic tenor features a similar bore design to professional instruments, allowing for a rich and well-formed tone with great intonation and response.  The use of post-to-body construction makes the horn lighter and further assists with this resonance and response.  Also drawing down from professional models is the inclusion of blue steel springs, metal domed resonators and Pisoni leather pads.   

Beyond this, we should take a moment to enjoy the look of the Classic tenor!  Its deep gold lacquer makes it reminiscent of some of the great vintage horns, and the underslung neck takes this one step further with a nod to the King Super 20.  There are also subtle, but enjoyable stylings, such as the use of black felts and the insertion of the BetterSax logo on the neck and key guards.

Of extra benefit to those players who are starting out, is the inclusion of the BetterSax Classic mouthpiece - a full-bodied and responsive beginner's mouthpiece that out-performs most 'stock' mouthpieces that come with many instruments.  Besides the mouthpiece, the sax comes with an accessories package that includes a ligature, cap, neck strap, cork grease and polishing cloth.


 Material: Brass

 Finish: Cognac-tinted lacquer

 Key Touches: Simulated Mother of Pearl

 Neck: Better Sax underslung design!

 Engraving: Classic-style, vintage theme

 Case: Stylish rectangular case - ample accessories/sheet music storage - with back-pack straps

 Mouthpiece: BetterSax Classic

 Made in: China. 

 Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a Year

 Recommended for: Students, Intermediate players, or pros looking for a backup horn.


The BetterSax tenor has been hotly anticipated for a while, following the impact that the alto had before it.  I think it's safe to say that a huge number of players round the globe put their trust in Jay, given how much great information he has shared with us over the years.  The Classic tenor doesn't disappoint.  Just like the alto, I find that it does everything you need a good horn to do - play in-tune, sound full and even across the entire range, feel comfortable under the fingers and give you confidence that you're dealing with a mechanically sound instrument.

I appreciate the care and attention given to the package as a whole.  The BetterSax alto and tenor mouthpieces, despite being in a budget price range, sound superb with plenty of depth and character.  They really complement the sound of the Classic, and if I were advising a beginner on mouthpiece alternatives to go with this horn, I'd tell them to stick right here with this one!

Always of importance to me is the playability of any sax - if the key action is too heavy, or uneven, then I can't get started.  However, there are no issues in this area at all.  It's all been very well set-up in the factory and plays with fluidity and ease.  Another great job by Jay and his team!

Jim Cheek


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Video Review

Jim reviews the BetterSax Tenor

Jim takes a look at the BetterSax tenor saxophone to see if they live up to the hype!

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