About Us

SAX is the trading name of Saxophones Ltd, the World's leading saxophone specialist. If you love saxes you've arrived at saxophone heaven or "the sax temple" as Courtney Pine, one of the World's leading saxophonists, describes us. Our staff are players, teachers, technicians and repairers so no one is better equipped to help you enjoy a great sax life. Our London store is the World's largest sax store with over 300 displayed in our modern 3,000 sq.ft showroom.

SAX has been awarded “Best Specialist Supplier” twice in the national MIA Awards (Music Industry Association) as the result of a public vote. SAX also became the first music dealer in the UK to be included in the Top 100 Dealers as listed by NAMM (The American National Association of Music Merchants).

The SAX social media platforms have gained widespread attention, drawing in millions of views from enthusiasts around the world. Notably, our YouTube channel has amassed an impressive subscriber base of over 150,000, surpassing all other saxophone shops worldwide. Through meticulously crafted, high-quality videos, we offer an immersive journey into the realm of saxophones, allowing you to experience the essence of our store regardless of your geographical distance, bridging the gap of thousands of miles with the magic of our content.

Our objective is to offer our customers the ultimate choice, expertise and facilities when purchasing a new saxophone or mouthpiece. We appreciate that buying a new instrument can be a serious investment, so our aim is to ensure you walk away knowing you've bought exactly the right model for you and you've had a fun and informative experience in the process.