JodyJazz Power Ring Ligature & Cap

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The Perfect companion to your Jody Jazz mouthpiece!

What is the POWER RING™ Ligature?

The POWER RING™ is a unique heavy mass ligature that uses a minimal contact point design to allow the reed to vibrate as freely as possible. The POWER RING’s™ self-locking CNC machined taper touches on three points only; the left and right side of the reed, and on top of the mouthpiece. There are no moving or added parts, further increasing the efficiency of vibration. This allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed, which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present in the sound. Allowing for a full tone rich with high, mid and low frequencies. 

Increasing the efficiency of vibration. 

The best saxophone ligatures allow the reed the most freedom to vibrate. The more vibration there is from the reed, the more harmonics will be present in the saxophone sound, but increasing the efficiency of the reed's vibration will also make the mouthpiece feel easier to blow and provide more power. This was the goal for the new POWER RING™ Ligature and it is exactly what it achieves.

Choosing The Right Size

Please Note: The Power Ring is designed to be used with standard cane reeds. Because of this, the Power Ring might not work with certain synthetic reeds (even if the recommended size has been selected). This is because synthetic reeds can differ in thickness depending on the brand. If you're not sure if the Power Ring will work with your reed & mouthpiece setup, please email us at and we'll do our best to find out for you. 

Hard Rubber Mouthpieces

For all current production Jody Jazz HR*, Custom Dark, Jet, DV HR and Giant mouthpieces, you'll want to select the following sizes:

Soprano = HRS1

Alto HR* and Jet = HRA1

Alto Custom Dark and DV HR = AS1

Tenor = HRT1

Baritone = HRB1

Metal Mouthpieces

For all Jody Jazz DV (including NY and CHI) and Super Jet mouthpieces, you will want to select the following sizes:

Soprano DV = MS1

Soprano Super Jet = HRS1

Alto = MA1 (If you have an Alto DV with a tip opening of 9 or 9*, you require the MA1+)

Tenor = MT1

Baritone and Bass = MB1

While the Jody Jazz Power Ring comes in a range of sizes to fit all Jody Jazz mouthpieces, they will also fit on some other brands of mouthpieces. However we strongly suggest contacting us first to check if the Power Ring will be suitable for your mouthpiece. If you are at all unsure about which size Power Ring will be right for you, please get in touch via and we'll be happy to assist you!


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