Eppelsheim Eb Contrabass Saxophone - 1 octave below Eb baritione

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Benedikt Eppelsheim handcrafts each and every component to the highest standard resulting in a very special instrument that oozes quality. This contrabass is decorated with fine engraving, marking this as a truly stand out instrument.

The Eppelsheim Contrabass is a truly one-of-a-kind instrument. Standing at an impressive 5 foot 8 inches and sitting a whole octave below a Baritone, the Contrabass stands apart both from other saxophones and instruments as a whole. The Contrabass plays in Eb.

Benedikt Eppelsheim’s workshop in Munich specializes in high and low-voiced woodwind instruments like the Soprillo (Bb piccolo saxophone) and Tubax (Eb contrabass saxophone), and all are handcrafted with the finest Red Brass. Though the Contrabass is an extremely large horn, the keywork sits within a comfortable remit, and comes mounted on a Konig & Meyer adjustable stand, taking away the need to wear the saxophone.

Supplied with case & mouthpiece

- range A 3 - F#6, sounding C1-A3

- 1 octave below the baritone saxophone

- 3 automatic octave keys

- additional altissimo register valve to written D 7, sounding F 4

- wide bore for a warm, voluminous tone

- large toneholes for a free response and a large dynamic range

- new neck design for less resistance

- precisely shaped bore taper for an exact intonation

- hydraulically formed neck and bows

- bass saxophone mouthpiece

- impressive overall height (177 cm = 70 inches) for more visual presence

- same fingering positions as on any modern saxophone


· Material: Red Brass

· Finish: Gold Lacquer

· Key Touches: Mother of Pearl

· Engraving: Hand Engraved Bell

· Case: Benedikt Eppelsheim Hard Case

· Mouthpiece: Bass Mouthpiece

· Made in: Germany

· 9 Month Interest Free Finance Available on this Product

· Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a year

· Recommended for: Professionals, Collectors


"The Benedikt Eppelsheim Contrabass is truly a once in a lifetime saxophone. A visual marvel, standing taller then the average human height once on the stand, it not only looks impressive, but also plays unlike anything I have ever had the privilege to play. As the Contrabass sits an octave below a baritone, once you play that Low A the whole room rattles. However, the quality of the manufacturing makes this horn more than a bass machine. Don’t get me wrong: this horn is no slouch to play, but getting out multi-phonics, altissimo, and the upper octave as a whole isn’t hard work, and due to the wide bore design, sounds warm, rich and complex.

This horn is the 9th wonder of the world. If you are a collector, this horn is a must own. If you are in London, this horn is a must see. If you are a saxophone enthusiast, we will see you in London soon!" - Michael (Sax.co.uk)


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