Yanagisawa BWO30BSB Baritone Sax - Solid Silver / Bronze


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Solid Silver & Bronze Top of the Range Yanagisawa - The Ultimate Baritone Saxophone

Yanagisawa have refreshed their range and made improvements to their already highly regarded baritones. The BWO30BSB is their top-tier baritone, combining precious metals with all the advantages of the 'Elite' series, and it brings us some adjustments in intonation and further advances in key mechanism and layout. The best has just got better!! 


The Yanagisawa BWO30BSB baritone saxophone is a serious player's dream come true. Crafted with a solid silver body, it delivers a tone that's nothing short of breathtaking—rich, vibrant, and with a huge presence that fills the room. Playing it feels like a dream, with smooth action and perfect intonation across the board. Whether you're tearing it up with jazz, diving into classical pieces, or pushing boundaries with experimental sounds, the BWO30 shines bright with its unmatched sound quality and rock-solid reliability. It's the dream baritone saxophone.

It is one of Yanagisawa’s ‘Elite’ models, and in practicality, this means that there are some refinements in mechanism beyond what is available through the BWO1 and 2 models. Firstly, the BWO30 includes a ‘fully ribbed’ construction – this means that there are strips of brass soldered onto the body of the sax, on which the various pillars are then soft-soldered themselves. This gives added ‘body’ to the tone while offering even further solidity of design. Secondly, the Elite series offers double arms on the lowest and most vulnerable keys, again adding stability to the setup.


Material: Solid Silver neck and body, silver plated bronze bow and bell.

Finish: Clear Lacquer

Key Touches: Mother of Pearl

Neck: Yanagisawa

Engraving: Engraved

Case: New stylish case with Backpack Straps

Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa Hard Rubber

Made in: Japan

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Recommended for: Advancing students, professionals

Staff Review 

This is a baritone to end all baritones!  The solid silver neck and body generate a rich, powerful, sumptuous, and bold tone, offering you an unbelievable playing experience. Solid silver also has the effect of promoting ease of response, so while baritones can often be physically demanding to play this model allows the sound to simply ooze out.

About Yanagisawa's shift to the WO series, I think that their attention to detail when it comes to improving something that has been considered an industry-leading baritone for years is admirable. I find their entire WO series of baritones an absolute joy to play – the sound is the most responsive of all baritones I’ve ever tried; playing down through to the lowest register feels like an effortless process, and mechanically it is a dream! You can’t ask for more. Jim - SAX

WO Baritone Features

Let’s take a look at the improvements that Yanagisawa has made with regard to key mechanisms.

1. Change to the angle of the right little finger keys for smoother fingering.

2. Set of ‘feet’ underneath the side Bb & C levers – plus an optimisation in the mechanical side of producing these notes.

3. Newly designed Low A thumb key for smoother fingering.

4. Repositioning of the strap ring for easier playing.

5. Newly designed right-hand key guard exclusive to the new baritones. This protects the player from getting their trousers caught in the mechanics, when balancing the bell section on this area!

6. Redesigned upper bow brace for a stylish look!

Secondly, there are adjustments to sound and intonation:

1. Readjustment of tone-holes sizes and positions for better intonation.

2. Addition of a plate on the front of the neck pipe for a ‘tightening of the sound from middle to high register’.

3. Newly sourced Brass material for WO1 and WO10 

And finally, there is a newly designed case, offering much more practicality over the previous model. In-line with the altos and tenors, it is now a back-pack style design! However, for baritone they have included some beautifully designed and slickly inset wheels, essential for any baritone player out on the road! This case also has much more pocket space to store one’s accessories.

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Yanagisawa has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the finest saxophones ever made. The company's dedication to exceptional quality and precision is evident in every instrument they create.

Each saxophone is crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest materials, resulting in instruments that produce a rich, powerful sound with incredible clarity and depth.

We share this commitment to excellence, and take great pride in offering the largest selection of Yanagisawa saxophones anywhere in the world. 

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