Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Alto Saxophone - AUG - Top Engraving

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A rich and sonorous sounding saxophone with vintage characteristics

A custom made Silver & Gold Plated R1 Jazz with stunning top engraving


These beautiful Italian saxophones are still made using techniques from the "golden age" of sax making and consequently share many of the same qualities of those sought after vintage classics.

The same family have been making instruments in the tiny village of Quarna Sotto high in the Italian alps for nearly 200 years, in the same workshop and even using some of the original tools! All the essential skills have been handed down to the current generation of 9 craftsmen, 6 of whom are family members.

No other manufacturer can boast such tradition and this manifests itself in instruments that ooze character. For this reason we have decided to stock more and list our Rampone saxes as individuals. It is not a case of some being better than others (they are all good!), just different. Each strike of the craftsman's hammer minutely changes the instrument's response so no two saxes are exactly the same.

The finest materials are used - red brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver and sterling silver. No lacquer is used allowing the instruments to resonate to their full potential. Brass instruments are plated with thick old fashioned 24ct gold or silver plating. Bells are hand beaten, the unique etched decoration is hand chiselled, an unrivalled choice of custom options........add to all this a large helping of pride & passion and you can see why more and more players are falling in love with Rampone & Cazzani saxophones.


Material: Red brass

Finish: Silver/Gold plated (AUG)

Key Touches: White mother of pearl

Neck: Rampone R1 Jazz

Engraving: Hand chiselled bell

Case: Rampone Deluxe

Mouthpiece: Resin mouthpiece or Bari Esprit mouthpiece included’

Made in: Italy

Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a Year

Recommended for: Serious sax players looking for something a little more individual


The first thing that strikes me about this horn is how gorgeous the "Top Engraving" is. An upgrade from Rampone's basic style, the extensive engraving joins forces with the stunning silver and gold plate to make this a truly individual instrument.

The tone of this horn is classic Rampone; warm, and rich with a great spread. The unique looks are backed up by a unique sound which oozes out of this sax with relative ease. The mixture of Gold and Silver plate creates for a complex, creamy sound that is hard to find in many modern production saxes. Whilst the design and sound may be evocative of older vintage instruments, the keywork and playability are very much in the modern age and feel both robust and reliable. 

This horn is truly the full package, a once in a lifetime horn that you will be hard pushed to put down!

Michael Leopold Weber - Saxophone Specialist - Sax.co.uk

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