Yanagisawa SCWO20 Curved Soprano Saxophone - Bronze

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Introducing the new bronze WO series curved soprano! The SCWO20 brings us another level of excellence beyond the 900 series models. One of the finest curved sopranos in the world, this sax will deliver impeccable tone and intonation, whilst giving the player a perfectly engineered and incredibly comfortable key work and mechanism. 


Identical in every respect to the SCWO10 except this sax is made from bronze, offering added warmth and power. Taking forward all the qualities of the previous 900 series, Yanagisawa has made several improvements in key mechanism, sound, and intonation. Firstly, here are the mechanism changes:

1. Change of angle of the right little finger keys for smoother fingerings

2. Modified angle of the left palm keys for better fingering

3. Adopted German Silver to strengthen the rod on the G key

4. Redesigned G# key cup to perfect intonation

5. Detachable brace between bow and body added – allows technicians to make repairs more easily!

Secondly, and crucially, Yanagisawa has altered some tone hole sizes and positions to facilitate better intonation. And finally, there is a new backpack style case. It has a new outer compartment, giving the player even more storage possibilities. A shoulder strap is also included. 


Material: Bronze

Finish: Clear Lacquer

Key Touches: Mother of Pearl

Neck: Yanagisawa

Engraving: Engraved

Case: New back-pack style case

Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa ebonite

Made in: Japan

• Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a year

Recommended for: Advancing students, professionals

Staff Review

I have always loved bronze Yanagisawa sopranos, and this one is no exception. The added warmth and projection this material gives you (not to mention strength in build) makes this instrument highly desirable. This little beauty makes the process of playing the curved soprano highly joyful! Sometimes I find that playing the curved soprano can fell like an awkward experience – the hands are so high and the fingering can feel fumbly; however, Yanagisawa have designed the most user-friendly key ergonomics, taking the already high level of design from the 900 series and improving again even further. I like the re-angled palm keys – all three of them feel like they are an even distance away from any point in the palm, making them really easy to access. Lovely stuff!

Jim Cheek


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Yanagisawa - SINCE 1954

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