E-Sax i-Whisper Mute for Alto Saxophone

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Now available to link directly to your iPhone, the latest version of the e-Sax allows you to play your sax silently while listening through your phone and playing along with music!

The e-Sax is the original revolutionary solution to practising your saxophone without annoying the neighbours. Designed & built in Japan it is a quality product that achieved immediate success. 

The new e-Sax i is exactly the same as the original e-Sax only it doesn't have the inbuilt electronic sound module but instead has a connection for IOS devices, allowing the sax/and playalong music to be monitored directly through a mobile device rather than through the e-Sax itself. 

Best Brass "e" App

The makers of the e-Sax, Best Brass, have designed a bespoke app which allows you to add effects to your sound, practise with a metronome, record yourself and playalong with your favourite tracks, either on YouTube or via your Apple music library.  The app is free to download and displayed on a download card that comes with the E-Sax i.

Features and contents

The main unit is made from a strong moulded plastic, while the hand insertion sections are made from special sponge rubber for comfort and flexibility.  Within the unit itself there is a high-performance compound fiber with super moisture control, odour eliminating, antibiotic action, and fungus resistance.

Accessories include a Neck Supporter, a Bottom Spacer and Bottom Pad, a strap, an L-M Connecter and a set of headphones.

Audible volume level, approx. 69 - 89 dB

Weight approx. 2310 g

Please Note:  this device is designed to be compatible with iPhones and does not currently work on Android phones.

Staff review

Having just had a testing session on the new E-Sax i I was really impressed with the ease of set-up, both in terms of physically positioning the sax in the mute, plus the simplicity and intuitive nature of the app.  The quality of build and presentation of contents is excellent.  There is handy download card, which not allows you to download the bespoke Best Brass "e" App, but also offers tutorial Link download codes, giving you access to information on Set-up, Playalong, Recording, Editing presets and Files/iCloud guidance.

Once I had got the position of the sax swivelled around to the right a little more I found a comfortable playing position that allowed me to access all of the notes on the sax.  While you may not have the same freeddom of hand movement that you would without the mute this really is an excellent solution for many players out there who simply need to keep the noise down.  Having the ability to monitor, record and playalong via your phone is just a bonus.  I also love the default 'Concert Hall' FX option!

Jim Cheek



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